Room Signage: Flexibility & Planning in Meetings


Companies keep struggling with the ineffective booking mechanisms that often disrupt, hinder, or cancel scheduled meetings.

Smart meeting room booking systems offer a reliable solution to this problem. There are dedicated touch screens that are installed outside the rooms, which allow employees to easily and quickly book the room. All bookings and changes are immediately synchronized with the organization’s online account. Accordingly, changes made to the relevant calendar are directly reflected in the system.

A smart booking system should include:
– easy and user-friendly technology which also embeds smart features – e.g. extending or canceling a meeting. Updates on the availability of a room should be made in real time to prevent double bookings
– a touch screen that enables interested parties to make or modify a reservation directly from the device (e.g. to check availability or extend the meeting duration)
– visual content that is simple to understand, corresponding with the elements of the space and the company’s culture
– smart features support such as a card scanner to allow a person to book and only in the case that the accessibility level allows him/her to do so
– display of the real-time status / availability of the room as well as the calendar of upcoming bookings in a straightforward and comprehensible manner
– ability of cancellation due to non-attendance
– ability to function as a Corporate Digital Signage screen when inactive and displaying centrally managed messages
– compatibility with all popular online email calendars (Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Server, Google Calendar, G Suite). This ensures that the system operates reliably, regardless of future changes to the email services an organization may choose.

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