Smart Meeting Room Solutions

Collaboration Screen

Professional Multi-touch Collaboration Screens for productive web-conferencing and interactive meetings! With remote management tools, increased security and network options, and a comprehensive warranty, our collaboration screens offer long-term savings and increased return on investment.

Available Screen Sizes: 55 “, 65”, 75 “, 86″ and 98”.

Extended Screen

Manage your virtual meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions without interrupting the interactive experience of your main screen. Whether it’s engaging with participants, sharing crucial documents, or showcasing multimedia content, the Extended Screen ensures optimal versatility and productivity.

Wireless Presentation

BYOD without restrictions. Allow participants to wirelessly share presentations from their laptop or mobile devices in an easy and straightforward way, without having to fiddle around with wires, cables, and adapters.

Professional Cameras

Professional conference cameras with a wide range of features, simple operation, FHD & 4K resolutions and optical zoom suitable for any room size.

Compatible with all available video conferencing platforms (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Skype and more).

Wireless Microphone/Speaker (Speakerphone)​

Wireless speakerphone with echo cancellation technology and directional microphones with 360 ° coverage on a single device. Place it in the middle of the table, so that you can hear it clearly wherever you sit, and without raising the volume of your voice. For larger tables, add a second speakerphone for even better coverage.

Booking System

Make rational use and avoid the phenomenon of empty meeting rooms due to cancellations. RED/GREEN illumination is used for clear display of availability / busy room status. Book a meeting room with just two taps or simply use your NFC/RFID identity cards. Compatible with all popular calendar applications (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, etc.).

Table power supply & appliance cable management

HUB: Power & Network

Say goodbye to the cable jungle. Our solutions ensure that cables are not scattered across the floor or across the tables of your meeting room. Instead, cables are grouped and ready for immediate use on the tabletop.

Video conference recordings management​

A secure, central library for your meeting recordings.

Most video conferencing solutions provide basic recording functionality that allows you to capture the audio, video, and screen shares from your video meetings. But what happens to those videos once you finish recording? Our solution automatically captures, converts, and uploads your recorded meetings to a secure, searchable video content management system (video CMS) with unlimited long-term storage. Smart Search functionality automatically indexes every word spoken and shown on-screen for rapid search results.

Portable Conference Rooms

Transform any area into a modern conference room with the use of portable professional equipment. Adopt Panel TV© collaboration boards on wheels with integrated PTZ cameras and wireless speakerphones.

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