Wayfinding is the art of effortlessly guiding individuals through spaces. It’s about creating memorable, user-friendly experiences. Our wayfinding solutions go beyond navigation, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression by seamlessly directing and connecting people with your spaces in a visually captivating manner. And don’t forget Cross-selling!

Product Promo/Expo

Lets redefine experiences with our bespoke touch applications. Leveraging cutting-edge screens and sensors, we craft interactive exhibits that engage visitors on a whole new level. Immerse your audience in a dynamic journey through history, culture, and art, with our customized, sensory-rich solutions.

Information Kiosks

Indoor/Outdoor Kiosks featuring intuitive touch screen applications. Seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, providing an immersive experience. Whether for wayfinding, information retrieval, or interactive displays, our kiosks redefine accessibility, creating engaging and user-friendly environments both indoors and outdoors.

Portable eshop

Innovate your service, menu and product experience by featuring intuitive touch screen applications. 


Ordering System / Product Configurator

Elevate your ordering system with tailor-made touch applications. Our innovative solutions leverage touch screens, delivering an intuitive product configurator. Streamline the ordering process, empower customers to customize products effortlessly, and enhance user engagement. Transform the way you do business with our cutting-edge, customer-centric touch applications!

Glass Touch Foils

Interactive Touch Foils transform any glass window into a touch screen, making it your store window an interactive advertising panel. The touch foil comes with a Rear Projection Film and laminated to the surface.

Custom Interactive Applications

At Panel TV, we excel in interactive screen applications tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team combines cutting-edge technology with creative expertise to deliver seamless and engaging solutions, ensuring your interactive screens captivate audiences and elevate user experiences to new heights.

Interactivity Using Sensors

We craft cutting-edge touch applications using interactive sensors with LED lights control, gesture recognition, place-and-learn technology, etc. Elevate user experiences with our solutions, seamlessly merging innovation and engagement for a truly immersive and dynamic interaction.

Digital Signage & Interactivity UX Experts

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