Audio Message Networks

In a supermarket store with plenty of visual static messages "attacking" the client, professional digital audio messaging can pop up from the "noisy" environment and effectively communicate discount policies, bundles, new offerings and any special fresh messages that may affect purchasing behavior and last minute decisions.

Choose Music – Choose Mood

Managed audio delivery for background music.​

Make Live Announcements

Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks.

Audio Broadcast

Reliable and cost effective solution for professional audio transport, STL SSL, syndication and contribution.

Automation & Control

Preprogrammed and simple to adapt IoT devices to build customized automation and monitoring solutions.

Schedule Ads & Jingles

Streaming or store & play for business music and audio advertising delivery.

Audio Zones

Create in-store audio zones….

Analytics - Proof of Play

Advanced usage analytics and validation mechanisms that the ads for have actually played.

Audio Signage Solutions that bring together the customer's audio library and a central management software portal with corresponding audio playout devices. Users can create playlists, and schedules featuring music, ads and promos from the head office, and configure and update player devices across the network.

At the playout locations, the audio devices deliver high-quality audio content to speaker systems, with targeted advertisements seamlessly fading in and out of music streams and playlists. Via QR code, a designated user can be given access to his player configuration for example to select a channel or to play a preloaded music file (e.g. happy birthday song).

Public Announcements (PA) are possible without the need of a server, eliminating a single point of failure or a costly need for server redundancy. PA solutions are Zone capable and work on any standard IP infrastructure.

Panel TV Audio Signage solutions are especially strong for environments that require low bandwidth as well as for applications where long distances need to be bridged, such as public transport or multi-site implementations. All solutions support background music and priority announcement.

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