Digital Solutions for Retailers

Visually connect with customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging.
Enhance your customer experience and increase your revenues!

Bright Window Screens

Crystal-clear display quality that captures customers attention from a distance.
Adaptive brightness to avoid unnecessary and disturbing glow, especially at night.
Unlimited customizable content and scheduling options.
Tailor your campaigns to specific times of the day or weeκ, maximize engagement and convert footfall.

Digital Posters

Maybe you changed your mind or need a change to a poster that you just created? Absolutely no problem! Just edit your poster and publish it to all designated screens at once in a few minutes and with no cost at all.

Motion Poster

Make your posters eye catching

Add an animated poster to your window or space and grab everybody’s attention.

Static Poster

You don’t need to have your posters printed any more. You just display them on your large portrait screens for as long as you need them.

Promote your marketing material and feel free to refresh it easily at any point.

Video Wall

Video wall may be big screens or composition of monitors that may serve the same promotional campaigns of your products as the digital poster. But the difference here is that the displayed content may vary such to create unique, artistic synthesis.

On the shelf Touch Screens

By placing small touch screens on the shelf next to the product itself, we intend to involve the customers to a kind of a “game”, requesting them to answer some guided questions. Their answers declare their needs and highlight equivalent values and particular properties of the product.

By the end, the customers should have a deeper knowledge about the product or might choose to proceed with a purchase. Meanwhile, the company has real-time statistical reports based on its customers’ answers.
Next time, your customers will approach your product under different “scope”!

Small Interactive Screens

All in One screens powered by Windows® or Android® OS.
Innovate your service, menu and product experience.

Use your pdf catalogue

Inform your audience with your price list, allowing them to navigate between the presentation of your products just by using a USB stick!

Use your custom made website

Visually connect with customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging.
Enhance your customer experience and increase your revenues!

LED Blinds Display

Blinds like LED display for a transparent feel. The transparency of the screen allows natural environment light to pass through into the store, while projecting content outside. Energy saving from natural lighting during the day; compared to a traditional window display.
Create content on a black background and your products will have a 3D feel. Ultra-high brightness up to 4,500 nits (automatically adjustable) for displaying content even during hours of bright sunshine.

Interactive Touch Foils

Interactive Touch Foils transform any glass window into a touch screen, making it your store window an interactive advertising panel. The touch foil comes with a Rear Projection Film and laminated to the surface.

It can be used to display still images or videos and give visitors the opportunity to interactively display products, features and videos and make their choice even before they get into the shop.

Custom Interactive Applications

At Panel TV, we excel in interactive screen applications tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team combines cutting-edge technology with creative expertise to deliver seamless and engaging solutions, ensuring your interactive screens captivate audiences and elevate user experiences to new heights.

Interactivity Using Sensors

We craft cutting-edge touch applications using interactive sensors with LED lights control, gesture recognition, place-and-learn technology, etc. Elevate user experiences with our solutions, seamlessly merging innovation and engagement for a truly immersive and dynamic interaction.

Audio Solutions

 Convey any audio content such as information, news, presentation or promotional message.

Convert every surface into a speaker!

Convert wood, metal, glass, acrylic, plasterboard surface into a speaker with the SSP6 from Revolution Accoustics and Panel TV.

In-store active Hot-Spots

You can create active hot spots in front of specific shelves, aisles or other service points into the store. You can playback one or more selected sound messages using a narrow beam targeted to the desired spot in the store upon a special event (a customer who approaches the spot, a product moves to another place, etc.). In this way, you achieve ad-hoc targeted communication without interfering with other places in the same hall.

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