Panel TV excels in developing, supplying, supporting and operating Dynamic Digital Media communication, Interactivity and Digital Signage solutions. The Panel TV team stands out with many years of proven experience in digital visualization, dynamic media design, deployment and media systems operation, in-house content creation and programming.

Panel TV is a one-stop DOOH supplier of equipment, services and turn-key projects in its field. Its long standing partnerships with key equipment manufacturers and boutique platform providers, secure the provision of advancing technology features for effective digital communication at a low total cost of operation.

A true holistic DOOH approach

Panel TV experts design and work for your business communication goals, building dynamic multimedia messaging for location and audience specific experiences.

Getting from the Audience based Design to the Content Creation and Media Programming while using Cross-Technologies Integration to Enhance Media Operation & ROI Improvement, this is a demanding process that requires unique skills and profound experience on this field.

Ask today for Panel TV’s 360 DOOH media management package services!

What we do for you

*Recipe ingredients for any purpose

Indicative list of Products & Services​

• Centrally Managed Screen Networks
• Centrally Managed Audio Networks
• Streaming & Video management platforms
• Digital Content Provision
• Outdoor & Indoor type
• Professional Screens
• LED video walls, Digital Posters, Open frame and other special type monitors
• Video Walls: typical or multi-shape / resolution 4K+
• Directional & Surface attached speakers
• Mounts, Stands and heavy duty supports
• Interactive Surfaces, Glass windows
• Wayfinding, Touch Tables, Kiosk type stands
• Development of multi-touch interactive content & experiences
• Tailor made InfoChannel development
• Hotel TV digital infrastructure
• Audio & Video distribution systems
• Audience responsive user experience
• On-line audience measurement marketing intelligence systems
• Data visualization, KPIs on screens, event driven visuals
• Video animation, web integration & interactive content

It's the right solution that matters

Experienced people of Panel TV will help you out to get a concrete and suitable solution that maximizes your impact and addresses your interests
. Your requirements will be discussed and analyzed
. You will be provided with our proposals
. Preferred solutions will be further assessed with various criteria
. Economic analysis will help you keep the numbers at reasonable levels.

After sales Technical Support​

We contractually follow up your installations welfare, performing the right maintenance operations for your Digital Signage equipment.

In case of damage or other problematic operation, our support team will react fast, and with your cooperation will bring your system back to its normal operation.

We will install your system​

Depending on the solution, works and installation can easily disturb.

Our experienced installers will deploy your solution with a discrete behavior.

Things will go smoothly and we will take extra care for all these small details that make the difference.

We can choose or advice you for the right equipment to install.

Whenever infrastructure is missing, we fill the gap.

Logistics, installation and commissioning of the equipment are our job.

Setting up your program​

We will have your Panel TV program prepared.

A Panel TV partner will be assigned to your program. He will systematically gather the appropriate content and will coordinate all your company’s departments or external parties that you wish to involve.
Within a few days a master plan of your program will be ready, and its content will be selected based on:
. it’s scope or purpose
. the locations involved
. the time zones and frequency of play

We will manage a complex project​

If you are about to run your Panel TV program in multiple locations within your store or across multiple stores, our project management team will take charge and will reassure that:
. your system specifications will be followed
. any disturbances in your normal operation will be minimized
. timelines will be respected
. there will be no surprises on the budget

Additional content on demand​

Reacting to market changes or to a competitor’s campaign requires immediate actions.
With your Panel TV, you can go fast.

At no time, add-up your new messages or a tailored to the situation campaign.

Panel TV and its partners can supply you with additional content for this occasion.

For existing campaigns to be expanded in new locations or adaptive messages, Panel TV partners will prepare adequate content to the last minute.

Furthermore, if you ever wish to prepare a marketing campaign for your Panel TV media, we are the ones to talk to. Without any unnecessary expenses and with the right type of content for you Panel TV media, we can keep our customers satisfied.

We develop and support Synergies​

There are cases where two or more interested parties, willing to communicate their messages with their Panel TV program, may cooperate and share the location and the air-time.

Sometimes, the nature or the complementarity of the products and services may emphasize a common or parallel communication scheme.

Panel TV encourages such common solutions for cost sharing or adding value purposes. With the cooperation of the involved parties, we can develop common Panel TV programs, even on common installations.

As an independent operator, we will coordinate the overall project for the benefit of all.

Statistics & reports​

With Panel TV you can retrieve statistical data of our program, attached campaigns or displayed content.

This is very important if you want to measure results, evaluate campaigns and improve your operation.

Localized or Emergency messaging

Depending on your daily operation and your communication needs, with Panel TV your associates can include local information on your displays or insert messages of urgent nature in your Panel TV program.

Just tell our people that you need this functionality and we will install the appropriate equipment.

If such features are common throughout your network, including remote or unattended stores, leave this operation to us.

In Panel TV, we can send your message to the display you wish. With a call or with an electronic message, we will deliver for you.

We manage sponsoring programs​

If you are experienced in sponsorships of any promotional nature, your Panel TV program could be part of such a relation.

If you are running the place, then you would like to promote your service and communicate things to your customers.

A Panel TV solution will definitely enhance their shopping or visiting experience.

One of your major supplier or present sponsor will share your solution to address your customers and your employees.

Being a third party, we can run this win-win scenario, upgrade participants’ communication, and keep your expenses down.

We go for a proper configuration​

Your system is now working, but still, important things have to be done.

Panel TV with its experienced team will take the appropriate actions to:
. adjust your equipment for the best quality of visual experience
. configure for economical operation and extended lifetime
. program your network operation

Content creation & adaptation​

If ever commercials, photos or other promotional material of yours requires any adaptation to your Panel TV program, we can help you out.

In addition, we can save you effort and money by advising you on what better fits to your system and program before any adaptation occurs.

By now, you should know that all kinds of messages, promotional material or campaigns can be incorporated in your Panel TV program.

Digital Signage & Interactivity UX Experts

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