7 things you should know before choosing a VCMS platform


Online video consumption is growing at an impressive rate and it’s becoming an integral part of the educational process. Business executives and students require quick and immediate access to educational material, which should be compatible with any electronic device. The big challenge for IT educators and managers lies in choosing the right Video Content Management System (VCMS) platform. But which are the key factors to consider when evaluating available options?

  1. User-friendly
    VCMS platform should be easy to use without requiring any technical knowledge. Viewing, uploading and video recording should be easy and fast and also live webcasting should be available.
  2. Interconnection, Interconnection, Interconnection…
    The VCMS platform should provide an out-of-the-box interconnection to existing learning and collaborative platforms (Moodle, Skype for Business, SharePoint, etc.). In addition, it is desirable to have a built-in collaboration with Identity Management systems (e.g. Active Directory and SAML) that ensures the desired single sign-on and easy user management.
  3. Centralized Content Management
    According to IT administrators, one of the great benefits of a VCMS is the integration of video sources from different servers and managing them through a centralized system. The VCMS platform should be right for both on-premises infrastructure and cloud service.
  4. Compatibility
    Compatibility affects the evaluation of a VCMS platform in two ways. On one hand, with plug-n-play compatibility with the most popular devices on the market, which ensures that the IT department does not have to purchase and configure new equipment, and on the other hand, with the seamless content sharing in all kinds of devices. Thus, the VCMS platform should automatically convert any type of video file uploaded to it to other suitable types that can be viewed on devices, regardless of size or operating system.
  5. Search within Videos
    One of the most important demands of VCMS users is the ability for advanced search on specific parts of a video. Top VCMS platforms utilize Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to index each word that is viewed or heard during the video.
  6. Video Analytics
    Extracting data Analytics is a priority for both IT administrators and educators. The first to have immediate access to technical information, and the second to access information related to public engagement when consuming content.
  7. Automated recording
    Automated recording helps IT administrators to control all video recordings and live webcasts through a web browser. In a modern VCMS platform, recordings should be remotely programmed, operating at the times predetermined by the administrator. Subsequently, content should be automatically uploaded to the online library for on-demand viewing by the registered users.


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