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Audience Data Reporting for DOOH

Age verification

Gender recognition

Mood estimation

Face tracking

Face blur

Face detection

Mask detection

Face analysis

People counting


Audience Analytics for Real-World Environments

Face Analysis

Detect and anonymously analyze individual faces in images or video. Understand human behaviors and gain valuable insights such as age, gender, mood, attention and other interesting metrics.

Crowd Analysis

Carry out crowd analysis using our people/body counting technology. In challenging scenarios, even in areas with large, unpredictable crowds or places where occlusions are a possibility, our technology remains effective and highly accurate.

Audience Analysis

Attention tracking. Accurately measure your audience reach on your DOOH network. Count the number of impressions and true viewers and measure their attention and dwell time. Use this data to sell ad space at a premium/higher CPM.

Performance Metrics for In-store Analytics

Improve your in-store marketing strategies, customer satisfaction levels
and boost conversion rates using our anonymous face analysis solution.

Footfall Counting: Track and count people entering your store for accurate data about your daily visitors. Manage occupancy levels, optimize staff allocation and benchmark your stores using the data.

Demographic Breakdowns: Using demographic analysis, you can gain insightful data into the main demographic groups visiting your store and at which times they visit. Analyze metrics such as age and gender and market your products accordingly.

Sentiment Analysis: Discover how your customers are responding to your store and staff. Using mood detection, you can accurately measure the satisfaction of your customers using their genuine responses.

Dynamic Content Triggering

Dependent on who is in front of the screen, tailored content will play suited to the demographic of the individual present. If there is a group detected around the screen, the rules defined in the CMS will decide which content to play according to the dominant demographic present at the time.

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