HOSPITALIΤΥ: The Phygital Transformation


In today’s era, where traditional television has ceded its power to the New Digital Media, the guest has high demands for a digital experience, through professional equipment and modern interactive systems.

In today’s era, where traditional TV has given way to New Digital Media, the viewer has high demands for a 360ᵒ digital experience. Their mobile phones and tablets interact with digital screens, canvases and touch boards in the space.
For their part, professionals are looking for the right specialist partner to advise and provide ongoing support in the configuration and operation of digital experiences and new technologies.
With the centralized control of video and music content offered by Panel TV, your new digital medium, operates in a centralized way. as a tool for promoting services and for cross-selling and upselling services and proposals. proposals.

Music coverage and visual content per place, day and time

Centrally schedule audiovisual experiences in the living room, restaurant, bar, spa, etc. Each space is “dressed” with as many music channels as you wish, and at different volumes, depending on the occasion. In addition, live or standardized messages can be broadcast automatically at selected times or days. View dynamic content such as, flight and ferry information, news from around the world, live streaming of conferences or events taking place in your halls.

Design modern services for corporate events

– Portable Meeting Rooms

Discover the portable meeting room solution, without the need for fixed equipment in each room. It provides the possibility of teamwork, where everyone (present and remote) can be visualized, listened to and interacted with. heard and actively participate.
– Room Booking System

Modern centralized management of the premises where the events take place meetings and presentations are held. Special touch screen at the entrance of the venue synchronizes with your calendar application (Google & Microsoft Calendars) and controls – schedules the availability and use of your venue.
– Portable LED Displays

High brightness flexible portable LED Video Wall in a variety of sizes for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to move and assemble in minutes by a couple of people for conferences, exhibitions or social events. Storage them in wheeled cases until the next event.

Posted on magazine Xrima & Tourismos, Issue 306-2023. You can browse the magazine here

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