Informative and Interactive Display Windows

Tech shop is being upgraded with interactive screens

Spring 2016


The Client

6P6 is a Greek company specialized in high technology and telecommunications and also advanced mobile devices and IT. 6P6 concept store established in Nikoloudi galleria, in the center of Athens, reaches consumers in order to display its products and solutions in a modern way.

The scope of the project

Panel TV was invited to create a modern digital customer experience before and after entering the store, corresponding with its technological superiority and modern design. The key point was to differentiate it as a selling point. Interactive experience when contacting the brand was one of the main demands of communication to improve engagement with the customer.

Panel TV solution

Panel TV took into account the architecture of the space and the special characteristics of its consumers. The proposal consisted of a combination of animated image and interactive display window alongside with Dynamic Digital Signage technology.

A 55” professional touch screen was installed in the main area of the store to promote and browse the products.
The store window played a crucial part in the customer’s Digital experience, on one hand to inform consumers about special offers increasing the footfall conversion, and on the other hand to create a meeting point through an interactive experience.
6P6 chooses to display promotional content on the higher screen in order to attract the passerby’s attention, while the multi-touch navigation on the lower screen empowers the relationship between them. The used technology allows reliable and high speed interactivity alongside the equipment’s protection from weather conditions.
The interactive surface is totally embedded with the store window without noticing through touch. Furthermore the display window was covered with adhesive film in order to stylize it and smartly hide the equipment.

6P6 is considering a future integration of a window shopping function in order to incorporate it in its communication strategy plan.

Informative and interactive store window is a Digital Signage project, designed and accomplished by the experts of Panel TV.

The Benefits

6P6’s goals were fulfilled through the complete project of Panel TV which embeds appropriate technologies, professional equipment and mindful installation. Consumers are now able to perceive the brand’s value through its innovative products and excellent customer service. This concept store is formed into a benchmark in the wider area, making the difference as opposed to the traditional approach of neighboring sales points.

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