Window Screen and Ceiling Projector

Panel TV has designed and installed a dynamic digital communication and information solution for the travel agency LANDFLY VIP Services using a ceiling projector and a portrait digital signage window display.

Winter 2014


The Client

The travel agency LANDFLY VIP Services is located on a busy pedestrian street in the heart of Athens. It offers high level travel services and in its luxurious facilities, the clients can plan their holiday vacations and business trips.

The scope of the project

The LANDFLY VIP Services wanted to exploit the office location and window showcase in front of the busy pedestrian street to attract more potential customers. They needed an impressive and functional digital display media for promoting of their services offered. Also, as the travel agency owns a wide reception living room, they wanted to exploit the possibility of internal digital live view of attractive holiday content.

Panel TV approach

Panel TV planned and proposed the appropriate specifications for the required professional equipment and how to place them.
In the front window of the tourist agency, they installed a professional display system and player/server by Panel TV in a vertical arrangement. Inside the inner lobby, the appropriate projector is installed on the ceiling and in cooperation with an intuitive web player/server, they display video from exotic destinations and useful information in a dynamic way. The result is a very vivid picture in frame 16:9 and size at about 120″.

With the technology player/server by Panel TV, themes are updated and managed remotely from the manager’s office or from any browser via internet and whenever is required.

The Benefits

Panel TV digital signage solution fits perfectly in the profile of LANDFLY VIP Services travel agency. Messages can be altered in an arranged way, depending on the period, and they are particularly attractive. With this solution, LANDFLY VIP Services acquired a modern digital signage medium and eliminated the need for printing and posters, reducing its operating costs and upgrading their communication benefits.

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