57th Biennale (VIVA ARTE VIVA)

Panel TV’s study, installation and technical support of the digital systems at the 57th Biennale Greek Pavilion in Venice

Spring 2017


The Client

The Venice Biennale (Italian: Biennale di Venezia) is one of the largest contemporary art fairs held every two years in Venice, Italy. Founded in 1893, Venice Biennale is one of the largest and oldest exhibitions in Europe and worldwide. The 57th Biennale Exhibition was entitled VIVA ARTE VIVA and Greece was represented by George Driva’s work of art named “Laboratory of Dilemmas”.

The scope of the project

“The Laboratory of Dilemmas” is grounded in the story of a lost documentary about an experiment that had been done decades ago on human behavior in dilemmas and ethics. The narration and the experience of the project is based on audiovisual materials through which the experiment is taking place and the story is unfolding in front of the audience’s eyes. The images, sounds, colors and atmosphere of the booth make the visitor’s experience unique.
Panel TV was assigned to study the needs of the project and the venue. Driven by the desirable experience, Panel TV was charged to design and implement systems of professional screens, equipment and digital content for the best performance of the project through modern audiovisual technologies.

Panel TV approach

Panel TV took into consideration all the given data about: the experience derived to the audience, the requirements of the video content (high quality without unnecessary compression) and audio, all conditions of the venue (relative humidity, dust, etc.) as well as the specifics of the exhibition (day-to-day operation for a long period of time), the difficulties of distance-based technical support and the ease of management even by non-specialized staff.

Panel TV’s solution included centralized experience management of both video and audio stations. Regarding video players, a centralized digital signage server in a computer room and a digital signage player were installed.
Due to space requirements, Panel TV recommended fanless Digital Signage Players so they are not prone to dust and moisture and do not require any special maintenance. Professional monitors with high level of brightness and color performance have been installed at all points of display allowing the artist to project the desired information to the audience.

At the audio stations, standalone players with network management capabilities were installed. Audio was distributed through directional speakers in order to isolate the sound of the visitor and to be fully committed to the content being played.
Panel TV designed the whole system and also carried out the installation of the cabling and centralized experience management infrastructure.

The Benefits

Upon completion of Panel TV’s project, the Greek Pavilion of the 57th Biennale Exhibition had the appropriate audiovisual media, systems and technologies in order to create a unique experience. The technical solution has taken into account the harmonious connection of the project to the visitor’s experience, enabling future exposure of the project to other venues. The “Laboratory of Dilemmas” will be hosted in the building of EMST National Museum of Modern Art in the summer of 2018.

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