Traffic & Attention Profiling Analytics

18th InfoCom World 2016.

Winter 2018


The Client

The recent 18th InfoCom World 2016, a conference on the Telecommunications market, Informatics and Media in Southeast Europe, was organized by Smart Press S.A. at Divani Caravel Hotel.

Leading companies and professionals participated in the conference that attracted over 3,000 delegates.

The Scope of the Project

The organizers sought a reliable solution for measuring the flow of conference participants at predetermined points of the hotel taking into account the following prerequisites:
–quick and easy installation of the required equipment
–the measuring mechanism should be fully automatic
–provision of real-time analytics

At the same conference Panel TV presented a comprehensive Profiling Analytics solution for the conference participants that passed by their booth. This proposed solution fulfils the need of the exhibitors to know the basic demographics (gender, age) of the conference participants, while having access at the same time to qualitative data that reveal elements of their stay and interest.

Panel TV approach

A complete “Traffic & Attention Profiling Analytics” solution.

A network camera with specialized software configured by Panel TV was used in order to record in real time the flow of incoming and outgoing visitors at a designated point of the conference.

At Panel TV booth, a second camera was placed which recorded in real time the dwell time, profile characteristics and behavior of the conference participants. Furthermore, a display monitor was placed where visitors could be informed for this solution and observe on-screen the following information:
–Estimation of the total footfall in front of the booth
–Aggregated traffic and visitors profile analytics
–Real-time analysis of their profile and behavior during their stay at the booth

The Results

The insights from the conference are the following:
GateCrossing: 1,777uniquecrossings from a designated entrance.
Gender: 78.5% male, 21.5% female
ConversionRatio: Panel TV booth drew interest for the 90.6% all the visitors of the exhibition area.
Attraction/ Visiting Ratio: Out of the total time spent by visitors in Panel TV booth, the “Traffic & Attention Profiling Analytics” solution garnered 47.2% of their total interest (i.e. visitors were looking at the monitor)
A sophisticated real-time image processing algorithm was presenting on screen detailed information such as :Gender, age, mood, additional information (glasses, mustache), distance from the camera and more.

The Benefits

The benefits from the implemented solution by Panel TV are manifold.

In particular, the organizer (Smart Press S.A.):
–Understood the behavior of the conference participants in designated areas in order to proceed with flow improvements for future conferences
–Had the opportunity to observe the traffic flow throughout the duration of the conference schedule.

Furthermore, the exhibitor (Panel TV) had significant benefits by collecting valuable data concerning:
–ROI: by recording the traffic and the real interest of the conference participants that visited the booth
–The profile of the conference participants who were interested in the presented solutions by Panel TV.


The integrated solution proposed by Panel TV, imparts excellent features such as:
–Privacy / Anonymity: at no point in the processing chain visual information is stored
–Compatibility with most cameras of market
–Speed and accuracy while processing data
–Quick and easy installation
–Minimum volume of the daily data produced–On-line access to Analytics via any device
– Desktop / Mobile / Tablet

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18th InfoCom World 2016


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