Smart Meeting Rooms: how to increase productivity and improve efficiency


Nowadays, more than 2/3 of business meetings are described as unnecessary by business leaders, while more than 1/3 of them are described as “poorly executed” by all participants.

Interoperability seems to be blocked by consumer monitors, projectors, cables, and adapters, which are placed in most meeting rooms today.

Devices and applications used by each of our partners in their work often vary. Also, the “Bring Your Own Device – BYOD” culture requires the adoption of a variety of mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.)

Apart from the main speaker it is often difficult or impossible for participants to share files and screen with the rest of the team without the help of an expert.

The productivity of the team in an ill-equipped room is decreasing throughout its duration. Consequently the main speaker is the only one who can actually contribute to the meeting while the rest of the group finds it difficult to follow actively.

A productive and effective meeting requires:
– Easy Wireless Communication: Content should be streamlined wirelessly, easily and quickly without the need for special devices and facilities (e.g. USB Dongle). It should also ensure that all popular platforms (Android, Apple, Windows) and devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops) are supported.
– Easy file sharing (e.g. via QR code or shared drives).
– Ability to see content from multiple participants at the same time. Switching and closing “windows” would serve to be done directly on the screen via touch.
– Remote Screen Sharing: Recent studies have shown that one out of three people will be hired to work remotely by 2020. Collaboration from multiple locations at the same time allows members of a group to see the same content at the same time without requiring their physical presence in the room.

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