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Historic Archive, Athens 2004 selected Panel TV to develop an interactive environment in the museum.

Summer 2014

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The Client

The Historical Archive, Athens 2004 covers the period from the claim until the completion of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. The archive-museum is housed in the premises of the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese and includes prints anddigitized audiovisual material along with selectedobjects of the Olympic Games in Athens.

The scope of the project

Panel TV was assigned the design and formation of an interactive visual experience.

The visitors should enjoy a modern visual experience of quality digital material in a well-organized interactive environment. Videos and architectural drawings should be easily browse enabled on large displays without the need of further assistance.

Since digitized copies would be available and accessible on premises, that would ease the visitor’s access to hundreds of items available.

Panel TV approach

In close cooperation with the Historical Archive, Athens 2004 team, Panel TV designed the visitor’s digital experience and proposed the system’s architecture along with the content adaptation process and workflow.

On large interactive display surfaces, the visitor canchoose to watch videos from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games-Athens 2014, highlights, and other relevant thematic videos. In addition, he could locate and browse among architectural drawings and designs while getting detail information with zoom-in functions.

Panel TV improved both the visual and sound quality of the available video library while technically adapting them for a pleasant experience.

Professional equipment comprising of digital library servers, interactive displays and video switching & routing systems was proposed.

Programming and content was also developed by the experienced professionals of Panel TV who managed to execute the project at highest standards and deliver within strict time limitations.
Information about the places and the buildings that were used to host the Olympic Games in Greece is available with a touch. The visitor has the option to explore a great list of architectural drawings and plansof the buildings and constructions made within that period.
With a drop-down menu, the visitor can choose from a variety of drawings tapping on the next/previous tabs and enlarge on click. Panel TV developed the required applications and interfaces that effectively manage the visual experience.

The actual size of the building, the ambient light and the aesthetics of the exhibiting areas were considered to form the specification of the interactive display surfaces.

In order to accommodate assisted presentation needs, a video management system was installed so that the presenter could route content from all the working areas of the building.

The Benefits

Visitors’ experience was highly improved. They can get valuable information about the preparation of the Olympic Games, the Venues who host them and how all was accomplished in a modern and highly effective way. Using interactivity systems and digital library servers provided by Panel TV and available on premises, visitors can now analyze architectural information in high resolution, with no need of print, and selectively watchunique videos about the Olympic Games. Without any special knowledge, it is now easy for anyone to enjoy unique content without the need of special equipment or expert’s assistance. Last but not least, all systems operate in an automated manner without the need of technical on site expertise.

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