Distance Training and Lecturing with Live Webcasting

Bringing lecture capture video to Altium Training students. Wherever they may be. Live or On-Demand.

Spring 2018


The Client

Altium Training is considered among the leading quality training organizations in Greece. It offers programs for internationally recognized professional qualifications to individuals and organizations in accountancy, business, finance, tax and marketing.

The challenge

As an early adopter of Advanced Video Streaming technologies, Altium Training examined several tools that, combined, allowed instructors to capture and share video course content.

Eventually, Altium Training experienced limitations and soon felt the growing issues of unscalable systems by having to support several different technologies in parallel. Among others:

– A client software was required to be downloaded and installed by students to participate in a live webcast.

– Live webcasting was interrupted when there was network failure, resulting in disconnects and loss of valuable lecture time.

– Hosting video content for on demand view was expensive and difficult to manage.

– Everything had to be set-up manually

– Most video technology solutions lacked on basic webinar / e-learning functionalities such as analytics provision, user management, single sign-on etc.

Panel TV approach

Altium Training seek for a trustworthy partner they could trust and that would work with them side-by-side to deliver a high-quality e-learning experience. As a result, they consulted Panel TV.

Panel TV advised them to evaluate Panopto Video Platform against a long list of requirements.

After carefully reviewing Panopto, the organization realized that it offered major advantages over comparable VCMS options, such as:

– Secure Live Streaming over https – with no client application required (Netflix alike Technology)

– High Quality Output with flawless synchronization of audio, video and PowerPoint feeds

– Easy and fast deployment

– Use of existing hardware (computers & cameras)

– Remote Scheduling and Recording capabilities

– Playback on any device or browser

– Advanced search capabilities

– Unlimited simultaneous recordings from various classrooms

The Benefits

According to Mr. Zacharias Palexas, Director of Altium Training, “The ability to record, edit, share and manage class recordings is something that instructors and students alike appreciated almost instantly following the organization’s deployment of Panopto”. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t require a technical staff to make it work properly. “Instructors can create recordings and make them available by simply clicking the record button. It’s really easy to use”.

With Panopto, students who are absent can see the lecture in it’s entirely – much as if they were sitting right there. PowerPoint slides and other multimedia presentations are integrated into the session and synced automatically with the lecture to truly mimic the classroom experience. Students now can search lecture text from PowerPoint slides, computer screen or spoken words and take notes on the material directly within the Panopto interface.

The Result

Whenever a learning organization adopts a new knowledge sharing platform, two key drivers almost always determine the ultimate success of the system: simplicity and delivery of actual value worthy of the user’s time. Panopto Video Platform succeeded on both. The platform was deployed and adopted within a few days. The intuitive interface made video easy to instructors with one-click recording and sharing process. More than 20 hours of lecture capture is recorded live every day, which is then automatically available on-demand for all authorized students on a secure video on-line library. The IT Department was relieved from extensive helpdesk issues they were facing in the past. Students now focus more closely on the important areas of interest. Finally, Altium Training management team have centralized control and monitoring of all participants.

About Panopto

Panopto is an all-in-one video content management system used for recording, editing, sharing, storing and organizing video powered material. 20 of the 25 top universities on the Times Higher Education World University 2018 Rankings use Panopto for lecture capture and video content management. It is a Future Proof choice that can be easily integrated with most of the major LMS and CMS platforms worldwide.

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