Digital Signage @ Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

A state-of-the-art Visual Communication Approach

2017 - 2018


The Scope of the Project

Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens project team was looking for an expert in Digital Signage Projects. The key requirement was the upgrade of the Centre’s Dynamic Visual Communication. The priorities were set up from the very beginning:

–A future proof and reliable Digital Signage Solution to centrally & dynamically manage all the Centre’s visual media should be adopted.

–A new flagship Video Wall should replace the old one in the building’s entrance, enhancing the capabilities and the operational requirements in place.

Professional screens in various building locations, with different specifications and in various sizes & designs would be incorporated in a common state-of-the art system to facilitate the day-to-day operation of the Centre’s digital communication in all public areas.

The Client

Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens is a venue in the heart of Athens promoting the modern cultural expression of arts, while supporting collaborations, education and lifelong learning.

The co-existence and interaction of sciences, innovation and arts, a demanding effort of the organization, imposes the highest standards to any vendor or team of professionals that is willing to cooperate with the Centre’s experts and offer value adding solutions.

The interiors of the site, with a total area of 18,000 sq. m, are elaborated in over 7 floors and 9 underground levels.

Panel TV approach

Panel TV proceeded with a comprehensive study that took into consideration the operational, technical, content & communication requirements of all parties involved. Since the Centre may operate 24hours a day with multiple simultaneous events taking place, all stakeholders should be in position to effectively manage their communication goals.

The complexity of the environment, the quality standards and the numerous scenarios, was a real challenge for Panel TV experts to integrate with existing hardware, software and platforms in place.

Panel TV proposal came a few weeks later: The goal was to automate the overall Centre’s visitor’s visual experience at any hour of the day, or day of the week, while enabling the easy update of messages and content on the fly. Just name the audience, place & time, and the message will grab the attention through the appropriate screen.

The designed solution was deployed and configured by Panel TV’s expert engineers. Key customer personnel was trained to handle special operational requirements that may ever come up during events or exhibitions.

A key aspect of the installed central system’s architecture is the capability to operate most of the new medium without the need of technically skilled personnel. Future extensions and integration capabilities are in place to accommodate applications related to ticketing, way-finding, queue handling etc.

Furthermore, a new state of the art Video Wall was installed at the building’s entrance. This new 140” luminous “Canvas” is capable to accommodate true 4k content with high color accuracy by multi sources on a program schedule or live feed.

The Benefits

Today, Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens can effectively manage all the visual communication opportunities with its visitors. Operations are held in a timely and reliable manner, using high quality visual content.

The full-fledged Dynamic Digital Signage Communication Solution installed, allows the displayed content to be dynamically modified at all digital media (projection screens, interactive displays, video walls, etc.) following communication rules in place.
Any useful information that is time sensitive or event driven, can be automatically processed and visualized throughout the building of Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens or at the appropriate level.

“Everything is running smoothly and without surprises, reassuring an exceptional visitor’s experience!”

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